Neoprene Wrist, Elbow Support

SAI Orthopedic Supports


C-302: Neoprene Elbow Support – Strap

Excellent for use in athletics and occupational activities. Helps dampen vibration and shock often associated with repetitive motion.

Features & Benefits

  • Four-way stretch neoprene material provides firm support and long term wear

  • Opening over elbow helps support maintain its correct position

  • Encircling strap prevents painful overuse of muscles and tendons


C-128: Neoprene Wraparound Wrist Support

Neoprene is the ideal material for braces and supports designed for short-duration sports or exercise activities. Its unique four-way stretch properties provide excellent compression for a comfortable fit, firm support, and confident play. The nylon lining helps prolong the life of the support and makes it easy to apply and remove.

Features & Benefits

  • Four-way stretch material provides even compression over all the anatomical prominences of the joint

  • Retains body heat, helps increase circulation and promote healing

  • Closed cell foam material offers moderate protection against bumps and abrasions

  • Fits either right or left hand


C-303: Neoprene Wrist-Thumb Support

Provides warmth and comfortable uniform compression over the affected area. Holds the thumb and wrist in opposition to help relieve discomfort and prevent re-injury, while maintaining full finger dexterity. Good support for repetitive motion, overuse injuries.

Features & Benefits

  • Comfortably supports both wrist and thumb in opposition

  • Perforated, breathable neoprene interface material allows for comfortable long-term wear

  • Reversible for right or left wrist

  • Hook and loop fastening for easy, one-handed application and adjustment