SAI Orthopedic Supports


2092: Ankle Stirrup Brace – AirForm Pads, PONY, Right or Left

This stirrup ankle brace has a single bladder with three regulated communicative chambers. Its one of a kind design utilizes the fit of low profile pneumatics to dramatically increase stability without the rolling and swaying experienced in other stirrups. The  slow rebound air delivery design reduces bottoming out. The air bladder is enclosed and protected to prevent the air chambers from being punctured. The Airform® pad captures and provides a continuous smooth interface with the surface anatomy.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides unparalleled comfort, support and uniform compression without bulky padding

  • Increases ankle stability, reduces swelling and pain

  • Unique pulsating multi-chamber air bladder provides a customized fit with each step

  • Air bladder is self contained and protected

  • No straws needed and no risk of over-inflating

  • Soft flexible edge onto the hard outer shell helps eliminate pressure points on the ankle and increases wearing comfort

  • Quick-adjust heel loops allow for a custom fit and permit unobstructed plantar and dorsi-flexion


2372: Canvas Ankle Splint

This lightweight ankle splint may be used for either therapeutic or preventative support for the ankle. It is effective in stabilizing the ankle joint. The rigid pre-bent metal stays provide excellent side-to-side support. The stays also help the splint control rotational strains on the ankle, and they provide resistance to inversion and eversion.
Features & Benefits

  • Front lace arrangement allows for easy adjustment to accommodate swelling, and eliminates the need for tedious taping

  • Lightweight flannel lined canvas material for a firm, comfortable fit

  • Two bilateral rigid stays can be shaped to the individual contour of the ankle for effective medial-lateral control

  • Floating tongue self-aligns to prevent bunching over top of foot


2417: Pullover Elastic Ankle Support

This is a medium duty, controlled stretch ankle support that allows full range of motion. It provides compression where it is needed most  over the soft tissues of the joint  without binding or cutting around the edges. It increases wearer confidence for walking or standing.
Features & Benefits

  • Encircles the ankle like a bandage but without the bulk

  • Durable rubber core elastic exerts compression over the soft tissues of the knee, fitting comfortably around the bony prominences of the joint

  • Absorbs perspiration for all day wearing comfort

  • Fits easily inside shoes  can be worn on either right or left ankle