Ostomy Care ENHANCING THE QUALITY OF LIFE Since introducing our first ostomy pouch in 1964, Hollister has been improving quality of life for people who have had ostomy surgery.Today, with advanced ostomy pouching systems and a comprehensive range of ostomy accessories, Hollister provides leading-edge solutions for ostomy management.Our goal at Hollister is to provide quality resources and services that help people to resume their lives and maintain their lifestyles after ostomy surgery.As outlined in our mission statement “Our products and service will be of superior quality and backed by our policy of unconditional customer satisfaction.”



New Image Two-Piece Pouching System
In a two-piece pouching system, the skin barrier and pouch come as separate units for assembly by the user. They are connected by snapping the two pieces together for a secure fit.

Premier One-Piece Pouching System
In a one-piece pouching system, a skin barrier and pouch are constructed as one unit.

Pouchkins Pediatric Pouching System
Specially designed one and two-piece pouching systems to fit the needs of pre-term infants through adolescence.