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Welcome to the SpeediCath family – a new generation of safe, hygienic catheters that offer ease of use, greater comfort and minimal risk of urethral micro-trauma for all catheter users.


Why the need to use a catheter?
There are many reasons why some people cannot urinate voluntarily and need to empty their bladder via a catheter. The nerve supply to your bladder may have been damaged; you may suffer from back problems or an enlarged prostate. Catheterisation may also be necessary after certain types of surgery, or it may be caused by a particular condition you were born with.

What is a catheter?
Intermittent catheters are fine hollow tubes inserted into the bladder to drain away urine. They come in different lengths and sizes for men, women and children. The most advanced catheters have a thin surface coating. When immersed in water this ‘hydrophilic’ coating swells to a smooth, slippery film making the catheter safer and more comfortable to insert.

Conveen® Optima
– making more things possible


Male urinary incontinence is a common health problem affecting millions of men worldwide – different types of men, from many walks of life. Although incontinence becomes more common with age, young people may suffer from this too. Damage to the spinal cord, prostate surgery, neurological conditions, and certain medical conditions are among the typical causes.

Incontinence is not only a health problem – it’s also a social problem. If left untreated, incontinence can end up having a major impact on your wellbeing: it not only interrupts daily activities, it may also stop you from going out in fear of experiencing a leak in public.

Biatain® – a softer approach to wound care


The key to good wound healing is comfort. The Biatain range of dressings was developed with this in mind.

Working closely with healthcare professionals and people recovering from acute or chronic wounds, we developed this new range of wound dressings to make wound healing faster.

All Biatain dressings are made of soft, flexible foam that sits comfortably on your skin with little impact on the sensitive areas in and around the wound. The foam effectively absorbs and retains wound exudates, keeping the moisture balance in the wound at the right level. Our Biatain Ibu and Biatain Ag dressings are prepared with active ingredients that may reduce wound pain or remove infection from the wound. 
With Biatain, you get:

  • great wearing comfort

  • a combination of moist wound healing with local release of ibuprofen

  • effective management of infected wounds

  • long wear time

  • a cost-effective wound dressing with well-documented effects